Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Techy Tuesday

When it comes to the overarching concept of technology, cell phones are relatively new. The first handheld mobile phone was created in 1973 and since then we've had thousands of models of different types of mobile/cell phones. The technology took a while to be perfected and in some cases is still being perfected. I was born in 1989 so for me it is hard to comprehend life without the cell phone. Personally I didn't get my first cell phone until I was a junior in high school (in 2006) but now I'm pretty much glued to my cell phone.

The cell phone now has gone way passed the standard technology used to make voice calls. Now there isn't much you can't do on a cell phone. From using it to make calls, check email, surf the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and GPS - the possibilities are literally endless. It almost eliminates that need for a computer altogether. There are times when I use my cell phone to do all the thing that I use my laptop for.

Personally the cell phone has made communication when Grant's oversees so much easier. I can easily get an messages he sends me (email or facebook), we can chat on skype right on our phones, and we play Words With Friends (he always wins). Without this technology I wouldn't get to talk to him as often since regular calls are so expensive in and out of India, he's 9 1/2 hours ahead, and I'm not always near a computer. For that I am grateful.

On the flip-side of that there's also the fact that people have become lazy because of cell phones. We suddenly want everything now. If we want to know what actor played who in a movie we can look at our phone, if we want to know sports scores we look at our phone, and if we need to find out how to get somewhere we look at our phone. In some ways it has lessened the interaction and communication with others by the very tool that was supposed to bring people together.

Now I open up the floor to you all. What do you think about cell phone usage? How helpful is it and what do you use yours mostly for? Do you think it's lead to less communication or more communication?

*Image and information courtesy of the article "Cell Phone Evolution" on wikipedia


Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Well, living with such a tight budget, we wouldn't have a phone at all if it weren't for my Mom. She buys a share plan thru AT&T for 5 of us in the family and we all share minutes. Granted our minutes to each other and other AT&T peeps are free, but it's still quite the limit. No being on hold for an hour with Consumers.

But I do talk to my mom - we have found we like texting each other much more than talking - lol. I also talk to my brother more than I would without it.

I do use it to avoid communication too. I don't like talking on the phone, I just don't think that fast and can't stand any real time conversations. If I can text or use FB - I will.

So, good or bad? Good, ultimately I like the school being able to reach me wherever I may be. I also like being able to send my husband dirty texts during the day - lol.

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