Friday, January 3, 2014

Vegetarian Zombies

The Walking Dead has never much appealed to me (I know bad horror fan I am) but zombies do fascinate me like any other creature of horror. Yesterday I got into an intense discussion with a co-worker about zombie lore. He made a comment that I wouldn’t survive very long as a zombie since I don’t eat meat. Of course this spurred the conversation even further into whether or not adaptation would automatically kick in and I would like meat again.

Basically we both put way too much thought into this and went into further ranting about whether or not a zombie can make a conscious decision to eat someone or not. Even further we discussed if when I became a zombie, would my body gain back that enzyme that I’ve lost from not eating meat for 3 years or if it wouldn’t matter because at that point my body was dead on the inside.

We can’t be the only ones who have thought about these [very important] zombie apocalypse issues so I took to the web to see if there was anyone else that had theories on vegetarian zombies. Most of what I found were images with play on words like the image above, but there were a few that offered some insight into this topic.

The first I found was more to the point that if zombies were vegetarians would they still be scary? Allan Mott, a blogger over at “The Good Men Project,” attacked the idea that vegetarian zombies wouldn’t be as ferocious (Mott). My counter-argument to that would be maybe they wouldn’t be as scary but they also wouldn’t live as long since the lore indicates they must eat human flesh to survive. Further to counter my counter-argument I found a satirical article that suggests it is the protein that keeps the zombies alive rather than the human flesh itself. The article goes on to suggest alternatives to the zombie human flesh diet – eggs and fish to supplement the protein (Corvette).

If this were true then perhaps I could survive as a vegetarian zombie. Now a vegetarian vampire would be a whole different issue itself. So my lovely readers what are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think there could be such thing as a vegetarian zombie? Do zombies adapt to their environments like we do and eat different foods? Could zombies survive in a desert environment where there might not be many people to eat? Am I completely off my rocker thinking about these things?


The image above is titled “Vegetarian Zombie” by kevinbolk on Newgrounds.

“The Question Is… Vegetarian Zombies” by Allan Mott,

“Vegetarian Zombies are Breaking the ‘Undead’ Stigma” by Jenny Corvette,


Anonymous said...

At first, I thought this was going to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse as a human vegetarian, but I rather like where this went. ;) As a fellow vegetarian, I like to think that, just as a human body can subsist on a veggie diet, so can a zombie. Sure, they may not be as scary as other zombies; maybe we could act as the bridge between zombie and human, a sort of peacekeeping tribe of sorts who can relate to both sides.

Or mayyyyyybe I'd just be a hippie zombie. Pass the weed, maaaaan. ;)

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