Tuesday, December 31, 2013

23 Things I Did Before Getting Engaged at 23

Today happens to mark one year since I got engaged at the age of 23. Fittingly, an article popped up yesterday titled “23 Things to do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23.” Now usually these types of articles can be cute, witty, and even provide you with some great things to put on your bucket list. This article though just left a bad taste in my mouth. That’s completely fine if you think 23 is too young to be engaged. If you want to be single and go off and do those things wonderful, go do them, but don’t put down the people that chose to get engaged at a young age.

Now I realize there are exceptions and there are many people out there who do rush into engagements and marriage at a young age without thinking. There are also those people, like myself, who have done many things already before the age of 23 and have reached the point that engagement and marriage is right for them. Additionally, why would being engaged/married stop you from doing those things in the article? One of the awesome things about having someone to spend the rest of your life with is you have someone TO DO those things with!

So in response to this article I give you the 23 things I did before I got engaged at 23:

1. Had my first piece of writing published: a poem in an anthology.
2. Attended a poetry convention in Orlando and received an award for my poetry.
3. Became Webmaster of my high school’s website.
4. Figured out my true religious path.
5. Went out of state (and out of my comfort zone) to college.
6. Designed a website for an international conference (and got a grant for it).
7. Interned for the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives.
8. Became a Spanish Tutor.
9. Became President of The Young Republicans and The Lion Ambassadors at Penn State MA.
10. Got a job as a lab technician at an archaeology lab.
11. Went on my first archaeological dig (and subsequently got lyme disease).
12. Started my undergraduate research at the Matson Museum of Anthropology at Penn State.
13. Designed my first museum exhibit (A discovery timeline on evolution).
14. Interviewed at my dream job: an exhibit designer for the Smithsonian (didn’t get it).
15. Completely re-configured my career plans and started working at Radius Technology Group.
16. Was accepted into the Geospatial Science Graduate Program at University of Maryland.
17. Moved into my first “real” apartment.
18. Received my Top Secret Clearance.
19. Was promoted to Project Control Specialist and Facility Security Officer.
20. Overcame my anxiety problems.
21. Started my own publishing company.
22. Published my first two books (Kindle format).
23. Went out of the country for the first time (Canada).

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear the 23 things that YOU have done before the age of 23 (or if you are younger, before the age you are now). Doesn’t matter if you are married, single, engaged, or in a relationship, list out your 23 accomplishments.


Unknown said...

That is quite the list with some amazing accomplishments. I will try to provide my 23:

1. Traveled to Italy.
2. Traveled to Mexico.
3. Traveled to Munich's Oktoberfest.
4. Relocated to Berlin for 2 months.
5. Got married.
6. Transferred in to 2nd choice college.
7. Got Divorced.
8. Landed dream job at Social Security Law Firm.
9. Bought a car.
10. Wrote a story that never got published.
11. Purchased my first brand new computer, they had all been refurbished.
12. Traveled to Oregon and Washington.
13. ...

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