Friday, August 9, 2013

The Mug Project Update

First I want to say how awesome it is to have my email inbox, Facebook wall, and Facebook inbox flooded with pictures of mugs! I feel like I'm getting a tour of everyone's cupboards and I'm loving it! Currently still in data gathering mode so continue to send me all your mug pictures! I'm planning on compiling them all into a album to go along with a blog post with the notion that I'll use it in a future Grad School project.

I've realized that there's so much more that goes into this than meets the eye. When my friend Kara first brought up the notion that you can tell a lot from people's mug designs I thought that that alone was an awesome project idea. However, from the data that I've gathered so far I've realized there are TONS of variables that go into telling who a person is from their mugs. I've narrowed it down to a couple of variables/characteristics of people's mugs from what they've told me about them:
  • Mugs used for coffee vs. tea or other beverages (or even food as Grant uses his mugs for cereal)
  • Mugs that never get used
  • Mugs that only that person can use
  • Mugs that are used by company
  • Holiday Mugs (been getting an in flux of Halloween mugs)
  • Work mugs vs. home mugs
  • Travel Mugs 
  • Gift Mugs used around the person that gave them to you
All these factors are extremely intriguing and add more to the fun of this project. Plus, as Danni over at The Whimsical Cottage said, we just like to be nosy and see people's mugs. So fuel my nosiness and lend to the project continue sending me your mugs! If you feel the call to blog about it send me the link! I leave you with the coffee mug I'm currently drinking out of! Happy mugging ;)


Danni said...

I love that mug!

Ooo... I totally forgot to mention that no one is allowed to use my two favorite mugs! Ha ha. I'm so paranoid about them breaking that when friends stay over, I hide them. x__x;;

Magaly Guerrero said...

Mugs--especially for tea and coffee lovers--are like tools and jewels, aren't they? I need to head to Danni's to check out her glorious mugs *grins,* and I need to start taking pics of own.

Anonymous said...

Mugs can definitely give a sneak peek into the psyche of their owners. At my mother's house there is a mug that we kids gave Dad for father's day before he died. It says "Best Dad In The World" and had a color changing star on it. When I and my siblings are visiting home it's always a scramble to see who can get that one first. Then there is the black cat mug that I always use at Momma's. She puts it on a shelf for safe keeping between my visits. My day to day mug was a gift from a friend, has my name on it and a parrot with a cocktail in front of a surfer on a wave. (It's a Ron Jon Surf Shop mug.)I only drink coffee from it. For tea I use a green earthy looking mug.

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