Saturday, August 10, 2013

Conversations with Mug People

Yes I know, the blog has been very mug-centric lately but I'm just having way too much fun with The Mug Project! Not only do I get to see inside people's cabinets but I'm meeting new friends and having great conversations. One new friend in particular is Kaz, the woman may all know as the Cheeky Witch. She actually designs mugs (and other merchandise) and sells them. 

She had some great insight on the project. We've been corresponding through email and yesterday she was talking about her giveaway on her site. Here's what she had to say not only about mugs, but about her mug giveaway:
I cannot believe the response I have had - over a thousand so far - so many people want to win the mug. That particular mug is definitely the favourite one of all my designs (closely followed by "Hell Hath No Fury Like a Menopausal Witch"!)

Interesting maybe for your mug project? Why are so many people desperate to win it? Is it because so many people identify with the saying on the mug? Or because everyone likes the chance of getting some for free? Or because they share my sense of humour? Is it a 'statement' drinking from a mug that tells everyone else that they are a witch? Or a coffee addict??

Just a few thoughts!

These are some really interesting questions and they're things that I have observed while doing this mug project. I've seen a handful of mugs (including my own) that bare humorous sayings. How many of you have mugs that say something funny or state that you are a coffee addict? If you don't have any head on over and visit Kaz's many sites to see her "cheeky" work:

FB Page:

Websites:  and (zazzle store which is running a 50% off promotion using the code: BTSMUGCANPOS)

She even has a blog too:

(picture above is my mug for the day)


Kaz said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for the mention and links!

I had two very happy people this morning - the lucky mug winners - and hundreds of very disappointed people. (I wish I could give everyone a mug!)

I noticed quite a divide bewtween tea and coffee drinkers! The coffee drinkers were proud of the fact that they drink so much coffee and that the "This Witch Needs Coffee!" mug was exactly right for them - that it had been designed for them personally...

Whereas the tea drinkers were grateful that I had designed a mug specifically for them too - feeling that they (tea drinkers) get left out and overlooked!

Personally I'm a coffee drinker...

So it's not all about the mug! It's also about the choice of hot beverage :)

(I do have one's for hot chocolate lovers too!)

I'm a chocoholic coffee-addict ;)

Love, light and coffee beans,
Kaz * AKA The Cheeky Witch

Magaly Guerrero said...

People love to drink their coffee ins something with personality ;-D

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