Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wait, So I'm Going to be a Wife?!

This past Friday marked exactly one year until our wedding. It's an exciting time getting to plan what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. Pretty much everything is planned. We have the dresses all ordered, venues booked, photographer booked, DJ booked, and all the other loose ends starting to be tied up. Yes, I know it is a year away but what did you expect from a control freak like me? This weekend especially we got a lot of details hammered down, including finally getting our engagement photos done.

Now I was very torn about doing them. Personally I think they come out cheesy and too nauseatingly cute. Also why would I pay a photographer to take photos and I didn't even want to be taken in the first place of us holding hands walking off into the sunset or a close up of the ring? Vomit. But, Grant's brother who is a budding photographer and journalist decided he wanted to take them for us. So I decided that we would do them to both help him with his porfolio and appease my family who constantly kept bugging us to get them done. *cough* Ashley *cough*

The results actually turned out pretty awesome. I was even allowed to wield some sharp objects including an axe. That right there was worth it. So we did the stereotypical pictures where we looked longingly into each others' eyes, and the walking hand in hand but also did a lot of different shots (of course starting out you know I was rocking a Firefly shirt). The best ones were those that were taken in between the posed shots and those were the ones that I posted most of. I've made the album public so my blog followers that I'm not facebook friends with can see. Visit our album here.

Through all of the planning, talking, and pictures related to our wedding, it struck me: I'm going to be a wife. The fact that I was getting married sunk in a while ago and I had come to terms with it. My views had changed on the subject since I had met that right person for me. But becoming a wife? That's a whole other ball game. That word is just something that I thought would never be applied to me. Girlfriend was fine, fiance was fine, but wife? There is something about that word that sends both excitement and chills through my body.

No doubt the shock of the word will wear off soon of because the fact of the matter is: it's just a word. I am still Sam no matter what label I have and the same applies to Grant. He is my Grant and I am his Sam. Those are really the only labels that matter to us.


Alexis Kennedy said...

BRAVA!!! And, you are both adorably cute :) I love you, Sammi!

Sam Curtin said...

Aww, thanks MFAL! We have our cute moments. What I didn't post are half the photos where we're making ridiculous face ;)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to you both! I'm about to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary to my best friend. Becoming a wife turned out to be pretty wonderful for me, and I wish the same for you!

Sam Curtin said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I have no doubt that it will be wonderful as well. Congrats to you on 7 years!! <3

Anonymous said...

Your engagement pics are fabulous! Love them. There is definitely something different about being a "wife" as opposed to a "girlfriend". Yes, you are still "you", and he is still "him", but there's just something that feels different about calling him your "husband" and yourself a "wife". It feels good. :-) You two are just too cute together.

Sam Curtin said...

I agree, those words seem to have a much different connotation than others. I'm sure it'll feel great. Thanks! <3

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