Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Release Date of Summer's Hollow Postponed

To all my faithful readers, unfortunately I am not going to be releasing Summer's Hollow this Friday. There have been some problems that have arisen with it and I am working to fix them all. If you REALLY want to read it there will be a DRAFT version of it available on Kindle for $0.99 just know that it is a work in progress.

I expect that Summer's Hollow will be all shiny, new, and ready to go around mid-Summer. Writing, like anything else is about the journey and what a journey this continues to be! Luckily I have the amazingly talented friend to help me fix all the little kinks. She is beyond awesome and I promise you when it's done it will be worth the wait!

In the mean time I of course will continue to post my deliciously bloody stories this week as this Friday is in fact Bloody Friday! 

Make sure you pass along this update to everyone, and feel free to continue to enter the giveaway I still want your guys' feedback on my blog. The winner will still get a signed copy from me when it is officially released. Love you all! (and Happy Beltane to all who celebrate)


Unknown said...

Oh I am sorry for the snag sweets! Mercury is being mean to me too. :( I have no idea what I did, but I am gonna kiss ass here soon and try to fix it. I hope everything gets back on track for you swiftly.

Sam Curtin said...

Thanks, yeah it seems that there is just something in the air. But it's a blessing in disguise that we caught this BEFORE it was released. That would have been more embarrassing. So I'm just swallowing my pride and having a friend help me along with these fixes.

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