Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tickled to the Bone and Sharing the Love

Today I was nominated for this awesome award by my equally awesome mother from another life (MFAL), Kallan Kennedy of The Secret Life of the American Working Witch fame. Usually when I'm nominated for these types of things I don't really pass it along as the people I would nominate have already been nominated. But I couldn't resist passing this along especially with all the bone love going around this week! Now yes I know some of these people have already been nominated but heck I think they deserve the awesomeness of being nominated twice and their blogs shared with as many people as possible. There are also some people on here that don't blog but have awesome shops and/or websites that the world should know about.

So the rules to being nominated? First I am supposed to display this award on my page which is now in the upper left hand side underneath the Witches in Fiction 2013... to the Bone button. Second, line back the person who nominated you. Well you can find my awesome MFAL in the link above as well as in the left side bar under her awesome button. Third, write ten things about yourself. Well okay then, I'll keep this short and sweet:

1. I am a nerd, as it says in my blog title, and I am proud of it.

2. Writing is my passion but I never had any inclinations of it being a career. It is my hobby and ultimately I do it for myself.

3. I am getting married next May to the most amazing man I have ever met in my entire life. You guys will have a chance to meet him later on this month when he makes a guest appearance on my blog (details to come).

4. I recently lost over 45 lbs and honestly have never been happier with my body.

5. In celebration of my weight loss I got my first tattoo yesterday!

6. I find that in the process of planning my wedding that I can add the title "wedding snob" to the list with bone snob, horror snob, and anthropology snob.

7. I don't tan. I'm Irish and Norwegian and pretty much the whitest you can get (as seen in the picture to the right). I get freckles but that's about it.

8. There's not a lot that I'm afraid of but tunnels happen to be one of them. I've been working on getting over my fear of them but forcing myself to drive through various tunnels in the area.

9. I have a pet snake. Actually it used to belong to both of my sisters from another life at one point and I adopted her since then.

10. I am confrontational. If someone wrongs me (like the lady who cut in front of us at the grocery store) I WILL say something. I never let things like that go (both a good and bad thing at times).

So the fourth part of these rules? I am supposed to nominate 10 other blogs (or shops/sites). Well here it goes:

Magaly serves up some wonderfully dark fiction with a pagan twist over at Pagan Culture and is the one who started the blog party I'm currently involved with: Witches in Fiction 2013... to the Bone.

During this blog party I have been introduced to many other bloggers that I have never heard of and one of them is Anna over at Witchcraft and More. I just LOVE her post about Baba-Yaga.

Another awesome lady that I was introduced to through the Bone was Ms. Misantropia. Her post on Witches, Easter, and Blakulla was awesome! You all know I love anything Scandinavian :)

My amazing friend Steph over at The Coexist Cafe has been nominated by Kallan as well but of course I have to nominate her again! You have to check out her blog as her and her awesome husband are expecting a little bundle of joy! (plus she's as addicted to coffee as me)

The wonderful Sarah over at Love, Light, & Wine: A Painting, Sipping, Beachy Pagan is a loyal follower to my blog and always has amazing comments to my discussions. Her blog is whimisical, fun, and comes from the Bahamas!

Now this next woman is another one of my Witchy cohorts and is an AMAZING writer. Her books keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. You have to check out her site and learn all about Sally Dubats.

Another one who doesn't necessarily blog but deserves to have this title of Epic awesome award of epic awesomeness is my sexy blonde witch Loren! She is such an incredibly talented artist and her work deserves to be hanging in a art gallery someday! Check her out on Saga's Cottage Storybook Art's Etsy Site.

More crafty awesomeness comes from the awesome mind of Eloria. Her handcrafted charms, pendants, witch boxes and more grace our lovely home and they should yours as well!

Then there's Renee over at Confessions of a Modern Witch who not only blogs but has an awesome shop as well! I have many of her items decorating our home as well. (what can I say I have talented friends!)

Last but certainly not least is the wonderful Snowy of Eye of Nuit and Pagan Stuff Cheap fame! Her candles are awesome and I have tons of them as well as amazing lavender bath salts that de-stress me.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I would give you a bone-warming hug, but I'm too far away, so you'll have to be happy with being tickled to the bone.

Thanks a bunch. I am honored. I shall display it as soon as the bone madness settles down a bit.

I just noticed you are afraid of tunnels. I have no love for bridges. New York City offers all kinds of desensitization therapy. So I totally get your "driving yourself through it approach" when it comes to tunnels. I bet more than one driver in NYC has wonder why the big-haired lady in the MINI is grinding her teeth and opening her eyes to inhuman proportions.

Sam Curtin said...

Funny thing about the tunnel thing is when I worked on Capital Hill I had to take the metro in. I would purposefully get off at Union Station and walk the five blocks to the Capital. This allowed me to spend the least amount of time under ground.

Bridge I have no problem with though my mom doesn't care for them at all. When we would go on trips I would drive over the bridges and she would drive through the tunnels.

Now I've gotten better at dealing with it (but there is some teeth grinding involved still)

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