Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Severed Connection

Many of you know I have a very dark sense of humor. When I was thinking about bones and what stories I could post during this Blog Party one jumped to mind. This is from an anthology of short stories I wrote for a project I did back in 9th grade titled "The First of the Last at the Start of the End." This was the story that landed me a meeting with my teacher over whether I was in my right mind or not when writing:

Severed Connection

          The hand lay on the ground, rotting in its state. Maggots feasted on its flesh tearing in little by little. There was nobody attached to it; it was just a hand. It rested under the bush shielded from view but not from scent.
The hand gave off a stench worse than anything anyone could possibly imagine. It was the complete and total stench of death; a stench of damned odor, seemingly coming strait from hell itself.
            A man ambled passed the bush and stopped at the stench. He breathed in deeply, the odor caressing his nostrils. He exhaled, smiled, and bent down to examine the rotting specimen.
            He reached down with his red stained hands, and squatted over the hand. He pulled back the bush wiping the red substance on the lower hanging vegetation. The substance was not his. He smiled again and picked up the hand trying to shake off the maggots that held on tightly.
            “Ahh… I knew I forgot something.” 


Magaly Guerrero said...

I just giggled, thinking about your teacher's face.

Love the story, the sensory overload...

It made me think of Poppy Z. Brite's Exquisite Corpse ;-)

Ms Misantropia said...

Teachers are sooo sensitive! ;) I know that smell very intimately, from living in the countryside with cats who kill all sorts of vermin. Sometimes they go back and nuzzle in the carcass before coming inside and jumping on the bed for a snuggle...

Sam Curtin said...

I should've mentioned that this was the last year that I was at my Christian school, lol.

Thanks! I was quite proud of this back in the day and still am proud.

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Sam, what a lovely romp into a death pile of goo....I bet your teacher did have a time with the, as Magaly put it, sensory overload, especially if she/he was an instructor at a Christian school. Yikes. I too giggled at the effect of the discovery. Good stuff. Thanks, Oma Linda

Hindustanka said...

"I knew.. I forgot something.." - what a delightful end of a story!
A mouse died in our huge office printer two days ago..so that smell description in your story was very "fresh" in my mind.
Thanks for a lovely piece (literally) to celebrate!

Sam Curtin said...

They really are, especially when you're at a religious school. The image and scents conjured up in my head from the story of you cat reminds me of the Stephen King book "Pet Semetary" if you have ever read it.

Sam Curtin said...

Thanks! Giggles are exactly what I wanted to get out of this story. I'm glad I can share my dark humor with people :)

Sam Curtin said...

Why thank you! And kudos on the play on words. If you read any of my other blog posts you can see I'm slightly obsessed with bad anthropology puns ;)

Also, ick for the mouse! We had that happen to my friend's car once.

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