Monday, October 1, 2012

October is Here!

So contrary to my last post about taking deep breaths, I ended up sick this weekend and am still recovering from that. Seems it might have been the combination of a sickness that has been going around, working like crazy and then to top it off going to my high school reunion on Saturday night. Anyways, things are good now and I'm back on track (again) from where I was before. Luckily I am able to do a lot of work from home so I was not to get too far behind on things.

That being said, I'm halfway through this first class for Grad School! I'm loving it even though it is time consuming and a lot of work at times. Still I love learning new things and delving into these assignments and projects. Our proposal for our final project is due soon and I'm playing around with ideas now. So far I'm thinking about showing how districting is done in Howard County for election purposes. With election day being the day before our final project is due I think it's very topical. Also Howard County is awesome and puts there GIS information online so I don't have to digitize that much data (and I also happen to live there).

So that's class... now onto the fun stuff! So as you guys know I have been talking about the amazing Samhain's Sirens and since today is October 1st the extravaganza has begun! Click either the text above or the button on the left side of my blog to visit our blog. We have some awesome giveaways, recipes, crafts, rituals, songs, blog posts and more! I've even lent my story telling skills to a couple of posts that I know you all will enjoy!

October happens to be my favorite month. First of all I love the weather; the leaves change color and start falling, the air become crisp and the nights and mornings are cool. Then of course there's football. Whether it's rooting for Penn State or the Redskins, I love donning my jersey over my jeans or leggings, grabbing some chilli and beer and planting down in front of the TV. It's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a subject that is very dear to my heart since I have friends and family that have been touched by it. This year I have the opportunity of participating in a Walk for the Cure with Kallan and her lovely daughters, one of whom is organizing the whole thing. If you have any change to spare think about donating it to our team (message me for details)!

Last, of course there's Halloween/Samhain which is any of you know me, know that this is my favorite holiday! It is my favorite Holiday because it is a day where you can feel the magic in the air while pretending to be someone else. What I love is dressing up in elaborate (and somewhat obscure) costumes and playing as someone else for a night. It is what I do when I write so to be able to do it around other people is quite awesome. In my last post I even mentioned that this year I will be dressing up as the main character from my one short story series. I just ordered a sweet wig since she has much darker hair than I do. I think I might be way to excited to get to be her for the night.

So I ask you, what do you like most about October? Or what do you like best about your favorite month?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love October I agree the changing seasons to cool and crisp from the hot stagnation of summer is a welcome change. Now if we can just get some cooler weather here in central California!

Unknown said...

I have a few reasons for loving October. The weather starts to get cooler, I can sleep with my windows open later in the month. My baby girl's birthday is Oct 15th, and several friends have birthdays an anniversary's on October. Of course there is Samhain, and this year I am super excited because I am honored to be one of the Sirens, and because NaBloWriMo is this month as well. A busy and fun month!

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