Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing... Emma Carmichael

Today you have the unique opportunity to once again jump inside my twisted mind. Today you will meet my pride and joy: Emma. She is my favorite of all the characters I have written and in fact have written over 125 short stories about her.

Remember in the last post I talked about how sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing the real from the fiction? She is the main reason. She has become a part of my life that will never go away. My series of short stories chronicles her life from when she was in high school up to when she is in her 30s married with a son. Oh and did I mention? She kills monsters for a living.

Think of her as a Buffy-esque character but with a lot more attitude and a lot more issues. The basic premise of my series is: What would someone's life be like if they killed monsters/demons/ghosts for a living? It was something that the show Buffy adressed but in a more campy fun kind of way. My stories are anything but campy. They get at the truth behind what would be going on in someone's head who had this kind of a life.

So the result? We have a strong female character who has relationship, trust, and authority issues out the wazzo. The only thing she actually has a handle on in her life is killing all those evil things out there. And of course since this is my world, she happens to be a practicing witch who gains more and more knowledge of the craft throughout her life.

So... you ready to meet my beloved Emma? Then head on over to the Samhain's Sirens blog today to read one of the first short stories, "Out of the Norm" in the series! It is featured on today's blog along with some other fun crafts, treats and giveaways!

Image: Tsarevna Frog by Viktor Vasnetsov


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