Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Scream That Launched a Thousand Ships

Oh that scream that you just heard? Yeah, that was me yelling at my computer after trying to download the millionth piece of software for my Spatial Database class. Pain in the butt is an understatement. After wrestling with it for about an hour it's finally on my computer and now comes the fun part, (yes that was sarcasm, you all should know me by now) playing around with the software. Actually so far out of all the tech languages that I have learned over the years SQL is the most comprehensive. I tell it to do something and it ACTUALLY DOES IT; shocking I know.

As much as I like to rant and rave and yell at my seemingly innocent computer I like learning this stuff. "This will help me in the long run", "I can lord it over people that I know these languages", "Soon I will have a Master's Degree" - Those are the things that I constantly tell myself while I wrestle with my computer to get this assignments done.

That's the funny thing about studying GIS: you all see all the pretty interactive maps like google maps, etc while us techies are slaving away behind the scenes trying to get things to work. The end result is quite extraordinary (In a couple posts from now I'll tell you what my final project is going to be for this class, it's going to be awesome and of course Anthropological related) but the copious amounts of coffee, alcohol, hair pulling, and cursing at inanimate objects is quite ridiculous.

So from now on if you hear random cursing or screaming just shrug it off and realize that it will most likely be me and any other database designer (student or professional). It's always nice when the "solution" to a problem with Oracle or SQL is "just fiddle around with it, eventually it will work." Sigh... and we wonder why techies are over caffeinated.


Alexis Kennedy said...

Hang in there, my genius DFAL. Once it "clicks", it's worth every minute of screaming and hair-pulling.. HUGS!!

Sam Curtin said...

Thanks my MFAL! That is the plan ;)

Unknown said...

On a side note, I used to have a poster of this exact Garfield picture, only it said " Compute this " instead LOL.

I hope you get it figured out soon!

Sam Curtin said...

Lol, awesome! And slowly but surely I'm figuring this stuff out. It's just long and time consuming but when it works, it's fun!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Kicking always work. If not, fire. Outside, of course. If not, you'll be screaming for other reasons.

Sam Curtin said...

Yeah I'm not allowed to play with fire inside unless it's for lighting candles... ;)

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