Monday, July 16, 2012

Ukrainian Rhinos

So if any of you have seen on facebook they have this "past life generator" that gives you who you used to be in the past. It outlines your gender, profession, qualities and the way that you died. Now usually I don't do these things, but my friend Steph (Author of The Coexist Cafe) posted hers and I was too curious not to try it out myself. Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with Rhinos but trust me it does.

This was the past life I got:
Gender: Male
Past Year Born: 1511
How you died: Rhino killed you
Re-born: November 10, 1989
Quality Got from the past: Brave and Fighter
Past Profession: Seaman, cook, carpenter.

Um... yeah. So apparently in a past life I was a Ukrainian man who was a brave seaman who was killed by a rhino? First of all are there rhinos in the Ukraine and second what the hell kind of a situation was I in that I was killed by one?

Facebook has left me with so many unanswered questions; so where do I go next? Why Google of course. I literally started googling "Rhinos in the Ukraine" to see what I got. I came across this website: that gave me a brief overview of everything I ever needed to know about Rhinos including how to say it in pretty much every language. (Ukrainian is Носороги). 

What did I find from all of this you ask? That yes, a subspecies of the white rhino was actually bred in Eastern Europe including the Ukraine! Also they were breeding white and black rhinos together around the Czech Republic area. In addition the Woolly Rhino was very prominent during the Miocene in this region. The rhino is used for many different things but the horn is most prized. In many regions throughout the world rhinos are killed specifically for their horns. 

I realized from this research that rhinos are an animal that I knew hardly anything about and now I know a lot more about them. The lesson I learned from this whole thing: I will stay away from the Ukraine in loo of being killed by a rhino.

P.S. If you google "White Rhino" you get A LOT of pictures of pot.  


Anonymous said...

Your PS is the BEST. Because you're right -- I just did. XD

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