Friday, July 6, 2012

Madness!? Well maybe a little bit...

It has come to my attention that what I am currently embarking on might be slightly mad or insane. That may be true, but to be in my shoes I think you have to already be a little bit insane. I think Grant would agree. Upon returning home from work yesterday we did the usual "How was your day, baby?" "What did you do?" song and dance and when it came to my part I responded: "I started a publishing company and just registered the name with the State of Maryland."  Of course I was looked at with a blank stare and perhaps even a bit a fear in his face (not unlike the one he had when we first started dating). It was the "What the hell are we getting into" face.

Then I explained to him my mind process for how I landed at that point. I explained that I spent a good while researching all about self publishing, marketing and the like and had reached this decision. I told him how many self publishers create a DBA Sole Proprietorship to publish their books under. Another blank stare from Grant. That's when I started going into detail about how DBA is short for "doing business as" and a Sole Proprietorship means I own it myself. I assured him that I knew what I was doing since I have registered our company in different states as a corporation so a simple DBA was nothing.

After all this explanation he looked a me and then hugged me and told me he was proud of me and all that I had accomplished (still with that look in his eye like he thought I was slightly insane). And like I said I think part of me has always been a little bit insane.

So on top of my full time job at my Federal Government Contracting firm, Grad School for Geospatial Information Science, my normal writing (stories, blogs, etc) and the occasional volunteering at the museum I now have my own publishing company that I can use to publish all my works. Yep, insane may pretty much cover that...

P.S. Of course I had to use the image from 300 :)


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