Friday, February 13, 2015

On March 13th, We Return...

The number 13 plays a big role in the world of Summer’s Hollow. The newest installment even takes place 13 years after the first one. Naturally, I had to release Return to Summer’s Hollow on the 13th of the month. Even better, it’s a Friday and 13th. Hmm… Summer’s Hollow was released on a Friday the 13th as well. Anyone else noticing a pattern?

So yes, it’s officially, official. My newest horror novel Return to Summer’s Hollow will be released on Kindle and in print on Friday, March 13, 2015! In this book, you’ll return to the Massachusetts town of Summer’s Hollow with Rylie and relive the horrors that the Pascal family has the offer.

This book has more suspense, more blood, and more scares than the first. We find out much more about the psychotic Pascal family and all their dealings as well as why Rylie has this psychic connection to them in the first place. This was my favorite book to write so far and I’m sure you all will be on the edge of your seat throughout the harrowing storyline.
To tide you over until the release I have provided a sneak preview of the horrors to come in the town of Summer’s Hollow:
     Rylie crept past the staircase and into the brightly lit kitchen. Standing there with her back turned to her was a woman Rylie didn’t recognize. She was a black woman in a black dress with what seemed to be a white apron tied around her waist. Rylie felt a little better; she was sure that it wasn’t Judith.

    “You shouldn’t be here,” the woman said.

     Is Judith here?” Rylie asked softly, inching towards the woman who continued to chop some sort of large vegetable.

     “You shouldn’t be here,” the woman repeated and now Rylie realized the woman wasn’t chopping vegetables, she was chopping her own arm.

     Rylie gasped and jumped back as she was now looking into bloody, hollow eye sockets. She felt the bile rising up as she turned away from the woman. Rylie noticed as she turned away that the cabinets were fully stocked with all of Judith’s spell ingredients. She quickly gathered up some small jars that held the herbs she needed.

     “You shouldn’t be here,” the woman continued to say which unnerved Rylie.

     Rylie slowly turned to see the woman was holding the knife out in her left hand, her right reduced to a bloody stump that was dripping onto the floor. The woman held the knife up as if to strike, but instead plunged it into her own throat.

     Rylie stifled a scream as the woman gurgled on her own blood and fell with a thump to the floor. Rylie stuffed the vials into the pockets of her dress and took off out of   the kitchen. Nausea came over her in waves as she stumbled into the living room. She saw a large portrait of Judith staring down at her as the fireplace suddenly roared with flames. Rylie was so startled that she tripped over the rug and fell onto the hard wooden table. She moaned as she then rolled onto the floor. 

     “So nice of you to join us,” came a voice that stopped her in her tracks.  


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