Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Irrational Fears

Last week we discussed weird things that comfort us, but what about the flip side of that? What are the weird things that scare us? For me I have two main things that scare me more than anything: tunnels and ventriloquist dummies. Yes I know I write horror yet am terrified of two pretty nondescript things.

We’ll start with the tunnels. Up until these past few years I was incapable of driving through tunnels. Add that to the fact that I live near Baltimore which has two tunnels, sometimes this is a problem. It stems from a form of claustrophobia. I don’t like being totally enclosed like that – I always like to have an exit strategy. Then there is the fact that there is that added problem of all the water pushing down on you. Whenever I go through a tunnel I tend to shake uncontrollably. The best thing to do is to crank my metalcore music and focus on getting out. 

Then there is my problem with ventriloquist dummies. This stems from a traumatic experience I had as a child. My uncle had me go down in his basement to get something. He then threw his voice to act like his dummy was talking. This of course scarred me for life but also just the thought of a ventriloquist dummy gives me shivers. Anything that shouldn’t be talking really creeps me out. Puppets do too. Weirdly enough though possessed dolls, possessed puppets (a la Buffy or Child’s Play) don’t bother me since there is a reason they are talking/moving: they have a demon or a spirit in them. Yes I know, weird logic but it makes me feel better. 

So now I ask you. What irrational fear makes your body tense up or keeps you awake at night? What weird things send shivers down your spine? 

Image from "Howdy Doody Time" 


Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Big bridges, like Mackinac Bridge or that one that connects Detroit to Windsor. I actually get the bridge authority to drive me across. I still don't like it, but better I'm not freaking out behind the wheel. But I don't think it's irrational, it's a really big bridge that moves.

I also hate being startled. I can appreciate zombies and vampires around Halloween, but people jumping out at me is why I avoid haunted houses. I would be the person punching that poor college kid. I really, really hate it.

Sam Curtin said...

Angie, my mom is the exact same way with bridges!

Unknown said...

Clowns. The sight of them make me faint. I don't know why but ever since I was kid I was scared of them. And car transport trailers I am always afraid the cars will roll off those things.

Alexis Kennedy said...

You already know about my issue with bridges that have steep inclines.. the one on 301 is almost too much for me. I have a fear of heights that I can't explain. No traumas in childhood or anything like that. This is just one reason why I believe in genetic memory. I bet one of my ancestors had this trauma.

Felicity Fox said...

We had to drive through a tunnel to and from Philly this past weekend, and I wanted to hold my breath the entire time... if not for the fact that the tunnel was TOO LONG OMFG. Ridiculous. So I just continued my crocheting (I wasn't driving, I swear) and willed us out.

Otherwise, my one irrational fear is pushing myself over a cliff or side of a building. Not that I'd ever do that, but when I get close to the edge of a deck or similar, I have to will myself out of jumping over. SCARY what the mind can do, huh.

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