Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer's Hollow Dream Cast

Last night I had a dream that Return to Summer’s Hollow was made into a film (which is crazy since I’m only about one third of the way through it). The cast that played the characters in my dream was pretty spot on; my subconscious is pretty good at casting. Naturally, I thought it would be fun if I shared the cast with you. Some of these characters you’ll recognize if you’ve read the first installation in the Summer’s Hollow series and others will be new (images courtesy of

Rylie: Lyndsy Fonseca

Jake: Anthony Mackie

Andy: Oscar Isaac

Josh: Peter Mooney

Brian: Chris Pratt

Isabelle: Amy Acker

Mr. Bradford: John Schneider

Mary: Caitlin Stasey

Edward: Michiel Huisman

Judith: Katey Sagal


Anonymous said...

I give my characters faces to associate with, build off of a lot. Hopefully when I get my (pending forever) novel off the ground, I'll be able to show everyone. Until then, I'm kind of keeping most of the faces close to the vest. Only one person has seen some of them. ;)

Sam Curtin said...

Pherin, it's funny that until last night I didn't have a set "cast" in my head. I had ideas of what my characters looked like but it was interesting to have a dream so vivid. Also, I'm excited for you to get your novel off the ground!

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