Monday, March 10, 2014

Dark Hall Preview

“Oh, well of course I can always harness some more brain cells…” Aeden smiled but it faded as Ciaran walked over to aisle of the Dining Hall where they stood, “Awesome…” he said under his breath.

“Since when do you hang out with this Kraten, Darcy?” Ciaran smirked.

“Watch your tongue!” Darcy spat, “And get out of our way.”

They started to walk passed him but he stepped in front of them, “So you think you can play Gorgan, huh Kraten? Take Magical Studies and suddenly, poof! You’re one of us?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly how it works Ciaran…” Darcy rolled her eyes as she took Aedan’s hand and walked passed him.

“Trust me Kraten! Mess with our women and you’re going to feel the wrath!”

“Oh stuff it Ciaran!” Aedan yelled stopping and turning back around, “You know I’m really sick of this whole thing you have going on. It’s not going to work on me. You can pummel me, call me names, and whatever but it won’t change anything. I’m still smarter than you and better than you at pretty much everything in life. In fact, the only thing you can do is insult people. I mean you’re still taking mostly 1st year classes! Better get used to this campus…”

Ciaran was about to charge at Aedan but all of the sudden he stopped. A gurgling sound came from him and all of the sudden he grabbed his stomach and sunk to the ground. He started to gasp for air as foam came out of his mouth. Aedan and Darcy stared in horror as Ciaran flopped around on the ground and some students ran and got a teacher.

“Let’s go,” Darcy said pulling him away from the scene.

Aedan didn’t move at first but then did as a couple of the staff members ran over. He followed Darcy out of the hall and all the way to the Hadrick building where their Magical Studies class was. They were breathing heavily as they quickly took their seats with the rest of the class that was starting to fill up. Darcy shared the same look of horror on her face that Aedan had. Sure both of them wanted Ciaran to shut his mouth, but they didn’t want whatever that was to happen.

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