Monday, October 28, 2013

Month Long Writing Sprint

There are many different writing challenges that circulate around the web this time of the year. The most notorious is the National Novel Writing Month or as it’s commonly known: NaNoWriMo. Every year I ponder participating in this, thinking that it would give me the drive to finish another novel. Then I realized that it has too many rules for me and that’s not how my writing works.

Among the rules are not having any of it already worked on. That poses a problem for me. I have tons of ideas in my head and on paper for two of my worlds I’m working on: Summer’s Hollow, and my untitled world featuring raw, unhinged Lucy “Loose” Quinn. Problem is I want to work off of some stories that I already have written; I don’t want to start something completely new. This is hindering me from participation in NaNoWriMo which saddens me because I know I’m gonna get jealous of all of you who are getting your ideas down during this month.

My solution: a month long writing sprint. My rules: there are no rules. Write as much as you want about whatever you want. I don’t care if you have half of it done already or none of it done; I just want to see how much you CAN get done. I have set a goal for myself though in the form of my notebook pictured above. There are 270 pages there that I plan to fill up. Yep that’s right, I’m literally going to write it all in long hand.

For this writing sprint I’ve decided to tackle Lucy’s story (and hopefully give it a name). I’ve explored her time as a teenager growing up around crime and corruption; I’ve explored her early 20s as she made a name for herself in the boxing world; I’ve explored when her life came crashing down the same time she became a felon; I’ve explored her life in prison. Now I want to explore her life in her later twenties – when she’s out of prison and trying to settle into her life. I’m not sure yet where her life is going but I figured this writing sprint would be the perfect opportunity to explore that.

So I’m asking my readers to pick their poison: feel free to join in NaNoWriMo or my Month Long Writing Sprint or heck make up your own writing challenge. No matter what I want to hear about it! Starting November 1 – 30th I’ll be posting updates via my Facebook Author Page and I want you all to stop by and update me on your challenges as well! On Friday November 1st I’ll sound the horn and we’ll all take off writing in whatever capacity you choose. Looking forward to hearing the updates along the way and the end results!


Magaly Guerrero said...

Can you see that green tint oozing out of my words? Yes? Well, that's my good old envy. I REALLY want to be able to write dozens of pages longhand. But, it seems that I will have to sit back and watch you do it by hand *wink, wink*. I will please myself by doing some of my sketching (my characters' homes and the boarding school at the center of the tale). That should be enough for a while.

I hope your 270 pages are pure yum!

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