Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another One Bytes the Dust

Yes, I am very proud of myself for that pun; I am giggling at myself as I write to tell you: My first grad school class is over! Last night we had our final session where were went over some exercises and talked about our final projects. My professor even extended the final project deadline until this Sunday because of any problems people have been having with the storm. Any of you who know me though are aware that I'm an anti-procrastinator so I've had my final project done before the storm even happened.

After many times back and forth with the professor I finally ended up doing my project on: Using Geospatial Analysis can we determine the impact of future volcanoes? I was very happy with myself for coming up with that since it combined my love of geology, anthropology and of course GIS since this is a Spatial Analysis class. I used Mount St. Helens as my study area and the results came out pretty cool! (I will post the proposal document and the poster for  my project after I turn it in).

Last night Grant looked over it for me and was impressed and though that it looked great visually and made sense scientifically. It was cute, he was looking over my project and then I listened to the presentation that he is going to give to a group of High Schoolers this morning about his work with Nuclear Waste (of course I have to brag about him).

Tonight after I turn the project in and will have completed my first class of Grad School and I expect it will feel awesome! I have a bit of a break between this class and the next one (Programming and Scripting) so I will use that time to get a bunch of writing done, as well as take some trainings for work to hone my technical writing skills. 

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